Miami Heat correctly played P.J. Tucker scenario but no ‘bad blood’ is good

P.J. Tucker #17 of the Philadelphia 76ers shoots past Caleb Martin #16 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
P.J. Tucker #17 of the Philadelphia 76ers shoots past Caleb Martin #16 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

For so long this season, the Miami Heat were challenged by the depth among their big man ranks. Before adding Kevin Love off the buyout market and Cody Zeller off the scrap heap, seemingly, the Miami Heat always found themselves thin when it came to the four and five positions.

Last year though, the guy that manned the four for them on most occasions was none other than an opponent in their Monday and Wednesday games.

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With P.J. Tucker now residing in Philadelphia, on the opposing side of his former Miami Heat brethren in their last two contests, he recently laid down quite the revelation.To be specific, Tucker recently told the Miami Herald that he “honestly” “didn’t want to leave” when it came to his status with the Miami Heat this past summer.

Here are a few more interesting quotes from Tucker and specifically, what he think happened with it all.

P.J. Tucker was and still is the ideal ‘Miami Heat type of guy’, however, things moved fast last offseason. And now, it seems to be in the Heat’s favor.

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"“I think they wanted the negotiations to be a little slower than it was.” Tucker said ahead of his first game back in Miami on Wednesday night as a member of the 76ers. “Just because of the interest right off the bat. Nobody thought I was going to get three years and then to get multiple offers for a full three years, I was ready to move and figure it out.”"

With the Miami Heat now being solidified when it comes to the depth at the big man positions, Tucker’s absence is no longer as harshly felt.

And to be quite frank, when you look at the way he’s performing in Philadelphia this season, it looks like a good thing that the Miami Heat didn’t offer him the longer-term deal that he got with Philadelphia.

Now, there is also a whole coaching and team philosophy aspect to consider, but you never can know, and the only proof you have right now are the current numbers he’s putting up.

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No matter which side you may eventually fall on it, “glad that he left” or wanting to keep him in Miami—it’s still good to know that a guy that you thought enjoyed his time with the club and was a great fit, wasn’t explicitly, unhappy with the club to the point of him leaving.