Miami Heat open to moving Kyle Lowry if deal is ‘advantageous’

Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat pleads his case to the referee(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat pleads his case to the referee(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have taken a turn in their approach, it seems, over the last few days. Though it was reported in the last week or so that the Miami Heat weren’t planning to break it up, effectively trading Kyle Lowry and his nearly 30 million dollar salary, there are now notions indicating that they aren’t so firm on that stance.

According to reporting from Barry Jackson and Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, the Miami Heat are now open to potentially dealing their point guard. Here is the key part of the report.

"The Heat initially had no interest in dealing Lowry. But the team’s position has softened recently, and Miami is now open to trades involving Lowry if the team is offered a deal it views as advantageous, according to a source in contact with the team."

Though the Miami Heat were reportedly not interested in dealing Kyle Lowry recently, it now appears they’ll listen. And they should hear all logical offers.

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"The question is what any team would be willing to offer for a 36-year-old point guard who has been dealing with a knee issue that has bothered him periodically since December and whose offensive efficiency has diminished this season."

You note the notion of it only being in the right situation though, as the Miami Heat shouldn’t harm themselves in any capacity as a team just to move Lowry’s deal. However, if the right deal reveals itself to the Miami Heat, they should also definitely consider anything out there to improve their team.

Kyle Lowry hasn’t produced on the stat sheet in the manner that you would have wished of him based on his salary, but he does still offer a certain level of value and especially in potential clutch postseason situations.

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However and again, if the Miami Heat can improve themselves and use his contract to do it in a sensible trade—then you have to support whatever they choose to do. The reporting also notes the Clippers as being the main public suitor, if something is to actually materialize but that is a scenario to monitor with other guards on their radar as well.